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Gerry Weinberg & Associates, Inc. | Southfield, Michigan


Please join us for a complimentary training session. Below is a list of sessions that are available for you to attend as our guest. Please make sure to reserve your seat ahead of time.

Sandler Foundations Session

Why Have A System?

Do you want to transform your leaky pipeline into a well-oiled machine to help increase sales by at least 30%? Attend as our guest to an upcoming "Why Have A System" session to learn how. This is a completely free session for you to attend, all you have to do is reserve your seat by submitting your information below. This session will help you to understand the difference between the Prospect's System and the Sandler Selling System methodology, and the value of using a professional selling system that allows both the prospect and the sales person to get their needs met.

Be A Sales Leader

Sandler Management Program

Learn and apply the unique Sandler mix of human relations and sales strategies to your leadership role so you can give your team the quality management they need and deserve. Sandler Management Solutions is not a quick-fix seminar meant to program you with superficial gimmicks and buzzwords. It is a comprehensive development program grounded in proven theories, hard skills, and workable strategies. It emphasizes active skill training exercises, followed up with reinforcement and application for your specific work environment.